Dwight Howard plays with Jeremy Lin’s ears during timeout

If getting your butt grabbed by Chandler Parson’s wasn’t amusing enough, now we have footage of Dwight Howard messing with Jeremy Lin by playing with his ears during a timeout.

Watch that video again and imagine how Kobe would have reacted if Dwight was playing with his ears during a timeout – even in a preseason game.  It’s this type of “fun” that Kobe and many other player hated to see from Dwight but it’s this type of “fun” with teammates that seems to make Dwight comfortable and play better on the court.  After Dwight’s debut, Hakeem Olajuwon praised Dwight’s play and said he looked good out there because he was having fun and with a young/fun crew of Howard, Parsons, Lin and Harden, I’m expecting to see a lot more sideline antics and on the court dominance.

Now we just need the Rockets Cable drama to be solved so most people in Houston can witness the fun.

Shout out to Ben at ThatNBALotteryPick.com for the vid


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