Dwyane Wade Attempted A Reverse Alley-Oop Dunk In His Bulls Debut

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Dwyane Wade

After 13 seasons and more miles than what most NBA players would have if they made it to their 20th season, Dwyane Wade isn’t jumping like how he was during his Flash days, or even his catching lobs from LeBron days, but during his Bulls debut on Thursday, Wade showed a flash of the old high-flying Flash by attempting a reverse alley-oop dunk!  He missed it and in his defense, that would have been a tough lob to execute for him 10 years ago.

Oh well, he’s the Bulls new “3-point specialist” anyways.



I don’t think Dwyane Wade has ever got his due as a nasty dunker. I’m sure many of you remember a couple great dunks he’s done but how many ever bring his name up when discussing great dunkers? I’m not saying he’s on Vince Carter and Michael Jordan’s level but his top 20 dunks are as impressive as just about anybody else on the Top 10 dunkers of all-time list.