Dwyane Wade Celebrates 3-Point Dagger In Bulls Debut With A Throat Slash Celebration

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Dwyane Wade has never been known as much of a 3-point specialist. He’s only had one season where he averaged 1 (1.1 to be exact) 3 a game and last season he shot just 16% from 3 and finished with a total of 7 3-pointers.

Over the summer, the 34-year old worked with Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg on his outside shooting and the results were evident from the beginning of preseason. In his Bulls preseason debut, for the first time in his career, every made bucket by Wade was a 3. It was only 2 but he was 2 of 2. He also had a 3 of 4 and 1 of 2 performance during the following week.

On Thursday, in his official Bulls debut, the former Heat legend was hot from downtown, knocking down 4 of 6 3s, including a dagger with 26 seconds left in regulation. Wade celebrated the dagger, which he called an “out-of-body experience,” with a throat slash gesture.

That 3 led to a funny tweet from his fine wife Gabrielle Union, who asked “Who is this guy” and called him a “3pt specialist.” And that gesture after the 3 might lead to a call from the league office with a small fine, which I’m sure he and the Bulls will be just fine with.

Just to be clear, even when Wade is having a poor shooting performance during a poor shooting season, he’s still a threat to hit a shot from anywhere on the court when the game is on the line. You can watch the proof below his highlights from his Bulls debut.

UPDATE: Wade has been fined $25,000 for his throat slash gesture and apologized for it on Twitter.