Dwyane Wade Crashes Kobe’s Postgame Conference, Kobe calls Wade a “Vicious Competitor. He’s Mean”

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Dwyane Wade Kobe Bryant

After the Lakers OT win vs the Heat, an Italian speaking Kobe was interrupted during a postgame conference by one of his greatest foes of the past 10 years.

“Dude!” Yells Kobe at a conference crashing Dwyane Wade before cracking on his age. “He knows he’s going to be the oldest guy in the league next year.”

Once Wade left, a smiling from ear-to-ear Kobe talked about how much respect he has for the 3 x NBA champion.

“I love him. He was a vicious competitor. He’s vicious. He’s mean. We could have those types of battles then afterwards, hangout and have a conversation, lace em up and go back at it. He’s the hardest player I ever had to guard off the screen roll.”

On this night, Wade outscored Kobe 26 to 2 and also had 10 boards and 5 assists.