Dwyane Wade Fantasy camp (for old people & celebs) returns this summer

Dwyane Wade is inviting all the 35+ year old ballers with their knee braces, bengay, 1 color sneakers and tons of stories about the golden era of basketball when Jordan ruled the game to participate in his fourth annual Fantasy Camp in south Florida.

Here’s a personal invite from the man himself.  Since I’m 35, from Florida & also had my meniscus removed like Wade, I think I might have to show up and  hang with Wade this summer.

Here’s some more info on the 4 day camp and yes the price is $10,500 but before you complain it does include a “Man-Brunch.”

The Dwyane Wade Fantasy Camp is an elite basketball camp hosted by Ten-Time NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade. Now in its 4th year, the DWFC will take place in Hollywood Beach, Florida from July 31st-August 3rd, 2014.
The DWFC tipped off in 2011 in Miami, Florida. After getting many requests from fans, challenging him to one-on-ones, Dwyane Wade decided to take on the challenge by uniquely hosting an elite, weekend-long event for campers who were willing to take their game to the next level while “showing him what they got.” In no time, the DWFC exclusively became the “ultimate Man-Camp.” It’s very first competition proved to be a hit with men, ages 35 and older, from all over the United States who took on the challenge and lived out their fantasies all while going head-to-head with some of basketball’s greatest coaches, players, and trainers.
Celebrities have also got in on the challenge and put their skills to the test. The DWFC has welcomed appearances from actor Will Smith, rapper Young Jeezy, comedian/actor Kevin Hart and other professional basketball players such as Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Greg Oden, Raja Bell, Antawn Jamison and more.

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