Dwyane Wade Injures His Knee Vs the Cavs

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Dwyane Wade

“Story of the season,” Wade said after bruising his knee during the 2nd quarter of the Heat’s loss to the Cavs on Thursday night. “and it continues.”

“It could have been worse,” Wade said. “When you go down like that, I couldn’t bust into a split, I’m not that flexible. I knew I was in trouble on my way down. It’s just unfortunate. Nothing happened I guess. I was a little concerned. Once they did the tests on my knee to make sure all my ligaments were strong and straightened, it’s a little better.”

Wade, who scored 7 points in 13 minutes before leaving the game, has been suffering from knee issues for the past two seasons and just had his left knee drained this past Saturday.

“Hope to get it a little better. We’ll see when Saturday comes. If I’m good enough to go, of course, I will. If I’m not, I’ll see Sunday.”