Dwyane Wade Joins LeBron James For An Intense Workout In LA

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Dwyane Wade LeBron James

How nice of the best player in the league to help some player who couldn’t even make the ESPN 100 best players in the NBA list. Maybe, If that big bearded 35-year old keeps working with LeBron then he become a decent enough player to join the Kings on his possibly last hurrah with the Cavs.

I’m obviously kidding about one of the best shooting guards of all-time and I am hoping his $23.8 million contract with the Bulls is bought out so he can rejoin LeBron and compete for another title together.

As for that ESPN ranking list…


Here’s what the 3 x NBA champ had to say about it via Twitter.

“I’ve worked for everything I’ve become. Never given. So pls if you’re a fan or supporter of mine don’t @ me with no nonsense about rankings. Rankings don’t win you championships. Rankings don’t get your jersey retired (one day) & they don’t get you into the Hall of Fame.”