Dwyane Wade Practicing His Improved 3-Point Shot During Bulls/Celtics Scuffle

Dwyane Wade is too old, too mature, with too many rings to bother with fights.

After 13 seasons in the league, the Chicago native made his Chicago Bulls home debut and impressed with 22 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 4, I repeat 4, 3-pointers; Wade only made 9 3s last season. He was feeling it so much from downtown, he even kept shooting them while his teammates and the other team were getting into a scuffle.

The scuffle started after one of Wade’s two missed 3-point attempts. Jimmy Butler and former college teammate Jae Crowder (Wade, Butler and Crowder all went to Marquette) went after it and got tangled up on the ground. They each said sweet nothing to each other before former Celtic point guard Rajon Rondo and current Celtic point guard Isaiah Thomas joined the exchange. All four were rewarded with techs.

“Jae’s my guy,” Butler said after the game. “It’s the heat of the moment. That’s what’s supposed to happen.”

While these four guys were in the heat of the moment, Wade was trying to heat up from 3 by getting an extra shot up. It paid off. With 26.3 seconds left in regulation, Wade knocked down his 4th 3-pointer and the let the crowd know who the real killer on the court is with a knife to the throat celebration.