Dwyane Wade surprises YouTube girl & takes her to prom

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Dwyane Wade

A few weeks ago we showed you Archibishop Coleman High School senior Nicole Muxo’s YouTube video where she asked Dwyane Wade to take her to prom.  Wade said he was flattered but due to his road to another NBA championship he couldn’t make any guarantees.  Due to a lack of competition in the playoffs, Wade was free on Friday night to relive the movie “She’s All That” and take the very cute Nicolo to her prom.

As cool as we think it is that Wade did this, we, along with about 100 of our Ballislife fans, offered to take Nicolo to her prom so we are a little disappointed that she still rather go with a famous NBA champion than  one of us.  Atleast we have healthy knees (well scratch me and my torn acls).  Actually, Nicolo had plans to move on without Wade and was heading to prom with a date  but when CB Wade stopped by to surprise her, that guy turned into the third wheel.

Props to Wade for wearing a nice suit and not something he would wear to a post-game press conference.  As for Nicolo, she looked great too.  Hopefully everybody had fun, even the third wheel, and made it back home by curfew.  I’m sure Gabby and the Heat didn’t want Wade out too long drinking spiked punch with a bunch of high schoolers.



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