E-40 Performs During Half-Time Show of GM1 | Rappers For GMS 2-7

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JR Smith LeBron James Iman Shumpert

While rapper Lil B was putting a curse on JR Smith and LeBron James, Bay area legend E-40 was performing during the half-time of GM1 of the NBA Finals. The rapper known to some as 40-Watter and 40 Fonzarelli released a Warriors version to the song ‘Choices’ last month which made him a great choice to perform last night but here’s my wishlist of local rappers for the rest of the series.

  • GM1: E-40
  • GM2: Hammer (w/ Oaktown 357) performs ‘Turn This Mutha Out’
  • GM3: Bone
  • GM4: Kid Cudi (but only if he raps)
  • GM5: Spice 1, Dru Down & The Luniz perform ‘I got 5 on it”
  • GM6: Bone again and allow Iman Shumpert to rap with them
  • GM7: Too Short, Ant Banks & Rappin 4 Tay -or- Souls of Mischief (w/ Del & Casual)