Eating Healthy With Skylar Diggins


Want to look like a 25 year old WNBA All-Star, Gold Medalist & ESPY winner, who moonlights as a SI Swimsuit & runway model when she isn’t trying to earn a bachelor’s degree or running her 14 city basketball camp, Shoot 4 The Sky? Then just follow her meal plan and in no time you will look absolutely nothing like her and still be hungry.  I’m kidding! But if you are interested in what Diggins eats and how she stays so fit then check out a few of these Q&As from with Diggins.

For breakfast I had:
Egg-white omelette with cheese and a protein shake.

For lunch I had:
Grilled chicken wrap with veggies, and rice.

For dinner I had:
Turkey burger and sweet potato fries.

Today I snacked on:
Trail mix.

My favorite smoothie ingredients are:
Peanut butter and bananas!

The three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are:
Peanut/almond butter, eggs, and veggies.

My signature healthy dish is:
Ground turkey and veggie wraps.

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