Elbow & Hilarious Flop Almost Causes A Fight During Drew League Championship

Nick Young and JaVale’s McGee’s Juglife team didn’t put up much of a fight against undefeated BB4L in the Drew League Championship on Sunday but the always entertaining Sek Henry of Juglife did provide one of the amusing moments of the game when he almost caused a fight.

Here’s what happened according to BallerVisions.

In the midst of a blowout in the Drew League title game between BB4L and Juglife, a altercation caused a few heated moments between the teams. Barely caught it on cam, but after the high elbow after the whistle, player on the white (BB4L) team pushed guy on Juglife who then flopped and fell to the floor. No punches thrown fortunately!

As mentioned, Team BB4L – with Baron Davis, Stanley Johnson, Terrence Ross, Casper Ware, Van Girard and Sek Henry – capped off their perfect season with a 103-76 win for the chip.  And if the name Sek Henry sounds famililar, you might remember this dunk on Andre Drummond from a few weeks ago.