Elfrid Payton to Aaron Gordon for the alley oop dunk | The next Payton to Kemp?

I'm not calling Elfrid Payton and Aaron Gordon the next Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp...yet, but Elfrid is having an underrated season and there's no roof on his potential. Aaron Gordon is a nightly highlight machine in the making and I expect the two lottery picks to become one of the most exciting duos in the league for years to come once they get some experience and start gelling on the court together.

Just FYI, Elfrid is having a better rookie season than Gary Payton who only averaged 7 points and 6 assists during his very frustrating first year. Elfrid is averaging similar numbers so far (8 & 6) but has been pretty well over the past couple of weeks which included a career-high 22 point 12 assist game against the Grizzlies.

So until we start seeing more oops from Payton to Gordon, here's 10 great ones from Payton to Kemp.