4 years of Kevin Durant & Emeka Okafor blocking & dunking on each other

Players in this post:
Kevin Durant Emeka Okafor


Kevin Durant and Emeka Okafor. You aren’t going to find too many articles comparing the two or even about the two together but I somehow found a way to do it. So enjoy some visuals of the two former #2 picks and Rookie of the Year award winners dunking and/or trying to dunk on each other over a four-year span.

2010: Durant dunks on Okafor

2010: Durant rejects a dunk by Okafor

2011: Okafor dunks on Durant

2013: Okafor blocks a dunk attempt by Durant



Kevin Durant, Emeka Okafor, Chris Singleton layne-murdoch-new-orleans-hornets-v-oklahoma-city-thunder-kevin-durant-and-emeka-okafor Emeka+Okafor+Kevin+Durant+Oklahoma+City+Thunder+sz7p7zIDPWal





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