Enes Kanter Fractures Forearm By Punching A Chair! Expected To Miss 2 Months!!

Remember back in 2012 when we clowned Amar’e Stoudemire for injuring himself after he lost a fight to a fire extinguisher? If so, do you also remember Amar’e aplogizing on Twitter and then a fire extinguisher account actually replying to him and asking, “Where’s my apology?” Anyways, the point of bringing up that embarrassing moment is because Enes Kanter is probably feeling as dumb as Amar’e did back then.  During the Thunder’s win against the Mavs on Thursday night, Kanter fractured his forearm after punching a chair in frustration.

Orthopedic surgeon Michael George told USA Today sports Kanter will probably be out for up to eight weeks.

“He will probably be immobilized in a brace or cast for some period of time, then resume activities when it is healed at about six weeks,” said George, a sports injury specialist at the KSF Orthopaedic Center. “After it heals, rehab is an addition 1-2 weeks.”

After watching the chair go up 1-0 against Kanter, I’m kind of glad he didn’t actually fight David West last season.