Epic Dunk Battles Ep. 1 – Sir Issac vs Werm

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There’s a new YouTube channel called Epic Dunk Battles that launched yesterday with a 2 minute video comparing 3 dunks by 2 different known dunkers.  In the 1st episode the contestants were Sir Issac who some  consider “the highest jumping dunker in the world” and Werm who some consider the best off 1 leg dunk in the world.

Werm won the 2013 Nike 3on3 dunk contest last weekend and dunked alongside Issac at the BET Experience exhibition back in June for the BET Awards. The two dunkers also faced off against each a couple of years ago at the 2010 Dallas Sprite Showdown. Werm was victorious but in Issac’s defense, he literally ran out of car that just drove 4 hours and onto the court midway through the first round and started dunking.  Issac was also the runner up to the 2013 Dallas Sprite Showdown last month that we had the pleasure of judging alongside NBA dunk contest champion Jeremy Evans.


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