Eric Gordon’s Dunk On Grant Reminded Us Of The Time He Tried To Murder A Kid In High School

If you could remove all the players on the court, as well as the court and anything else in the background, every single dunk of Eric Gordon’s career looks exactly the same! I’m exaggerating a little but a good majority of them are similar looking 1-hand dunks. And in Game 5 of the Rockets vs Westbrook series, Gordon showed Jerami Grant how he once dunked on Mozgov and Tim Duncan.

Every time I see the 3-point shooting 6th Man of the Year candidate throw down a dunk, I think of two moments.

#1 is when he had competed with DeMar DeRozan in the one and (thankfully) only NBA Dunk-in from 2010. He lost and DeMar went on to compete and get cheated in the NBA dunk contest.

#2 is when he almost murdered a kid in high school. Seriously, before his senior year, Gordon participated in the Adidas Big Time tournament in Vegas and threw down this RIP worthy dunk on some kid. I’m assuming the kid was related to the ref and that’s why the overzealous ref called an offensive foul.