ESPN commercial: A Champion Will Rise Feat. Larry Bird

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Larry Bird

Great ESPN commercial featuring Larry Bird not talking about his Pacers.

You probably can't name an individual record that Bird has but you know he has championships and is the only person to ever win MVP, Coach of the Year and GM of the Year.  That is what you call a team player and a winner.

Bird also has a Naismith College Player of the year award, Rookie of the year award, 3 MVPs & 2 Finals MVP awards.  While we are at it he also has an AllStar game MVP and 3 Allstar 3 Point shootout awards.  Let's keep it going, you know about his Gold medal from playing on the Dream Team but I bet you didn't know he was on the NBA All defensive team (2nd) three times.

That is why he was the perfect person for this commercial.

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