ESPN Sports Science: Does LeBron Dunk Harder Than Russell Westbrook?

The ESPN Sports Science crew examines Russell Westbrook and LeBron James to decide the argument nobody has ever had: Who can throw it down harder between the two?

This argument gives me an excuse to talk about the Reign Man Shawn Kemp and how he supposedly once dunked so hard on a rim with a metal-chain net, he generated sparks!

Via Seattle Times

A lob from the corner arched over the backboard. Kemp, trailing on a fast break, went airborne, corralled the ball with his left hand, spun 180 degrees and flushed down a reverse jam. The links of the chain-metal net clashed, producing a shower of sparks.

FYI, this story was told by Kemp’s cousin so take it with a grain of salt. True or not, I still feel Kemp is the most vicious dunker in NBA history.

And Westbrook is in my top 5.