ESPN SportsNation remixed the 2014 NBA Dunk Contest

The ridiculous format and John Wall’s final (sort of first) dunk at this past weekend’s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest dominated the headlines but there were some other decent dunks in the contest….showcase.

ESPN called former Sprite Showdown winners Young Hollywood, AirDogg & Poster Boy of The West Coast Dreamers to perform those decent dunks and then to remix them including Wall’s dunk which was inspired by Sprite Showdown judge Myree “Reemix” Bowden from this Ballislife mix.

The results were pretty crazy especially when 5’11 Young Hollywood jumped over a guy, grabbed a ball, went between his legs, dunked it while grabbing another ball from a guy on a ladder and dunking that too!  Yeah, that would get a 50 if the NBA dunk contest still had scores.

If the West Coast Dreamers look familiar it’s because you have probably seen them on YouTube or in 1 of over 30 commercials for sneakers to cars.  Most recently, they were seen throwing down dunks in a Taco Bell commercial.

Young Hollywood was also one of the 5 athletes we featured in the Honda Best Yourself series last year.

“Let’s go!”




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