ESPN & The Internet Roasted Grayson Allen For His Latest Tripping Incident & Temper Tantrum

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If Santa hasn’t put Grayson Allen on the naughty list yet, his latest tripping incident and impersonation of a spoiled kid not getting what he wanted for Christmas should. The junior guard’s intentional trip on an Elon player on Wednesday was his third trip this year – the other two came back in February (8th and 25th).

Former Duke guard and current ESPN commentator Jay Williams ripped Allen and demanded Coach K and Duke do something about the man the internet nicknamed “Graymond Allen.”

“Enough already,” said Williams. “I’m disappointed that he even played in the second half. He should be suspended for five games. The ACC should take immediate action. But I hope that Coach K would take action before the ACC. Because he’s a junior. No more gifts. We’re done with that. He deserves to sit. He’s showing who his character is, and that’s unfortunate.”

“How do you not show remorse for that? At least go over and apologize to the kid instead of going to the bench and pouting. It just makes him look like a spoiled child,” added Williams.

Jay’s colleague Reece Davis also compared Allen to a child.

“He acts like a petulant toddler that can’t control his emotions when he gets angry,” said Davis.

It will be interesting to see if Duke continues to act like those selfish parents that will let their kids run around a restaurant and ruin the meal for everybody else or if they will continue to let him play, without punishment, just because he was sulking afterwards and said “sorry.”

In the meantime, let’s see what the savage internet had to say about the latest trip.