Creighton holding “Lumberjack Night” in honor of Ethan Wragge’s 9 3-pointer performance vs Villanova

Players in this post:
Doug McDermott

“I’ve seen him shoot better in practice,” Doug McDermott on Ethan Wragge. “I’ve seen him hit 11 or 12 3s in an open gym, that’s normal. So not a lot of us are shocked. The outside world, everyone’s kind of shocked. But that’s just another day at the office for Ethan.”

What Creighton’s Wragge did at the office was scored 27 points – all on 3 pointers in a 96-68 victory over No. 5 Villanova on Monday night. 8 of his 9 came in the first half.

“Once I get one, they know I’m hunting for two and three,” Wragge said. “It’s a hard feeling to describe once you get one to go in. You just kind of let it fly and don’t think about it.”

Well, the school is thinking about him and will be honoring him on February 7th by holding a “Lumberjack Night.”  It looks like Wragge is building a cult following on campus.


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