Evan Fournier Dunks on Marvin Williams & gets mad at Ty Lawson for going to the movies without him

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This past weekend, Ty Lawson tweeted that he was going to see ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and if any of his followers have seen it.  His teammate Evan Fournier replied asking why he wasn’t invited.  When Lawson said he didn’t know Evan wanted to see it, the 6’7 Frenchman called Lawson the “worst PG ever.”

Although the Nuggets did lose last night, Ty Lawson showed he’s not that bad by scoring 23 points and dishing out 11 assists including 1 to Fournier who took out his frustration on Marvin Williams with a strong 1 hand dunk.

The rest of the Denver Nuggets staff couldn’t be happier with Ty and his speedy and helpful ways.  #Vote4TY


OT: My 2 cents on Wolf of Wall Street is that it’s a good (overlong) film with great performances but doesn’t crack my top 5 films of the year which has the documentary ‘The Act of Killing’ at #1.

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