ex Lakers/Bulls player Corie Blount uploaded a Corie Blount mixtape

So I’m on Facebook and scrolling through the countless pics of friends at pre-Halloween costume parties (I’m not sure I understand the purpose of these) and motivational quotes from the most negative and contradicting people I know and then I stumble across a Corie Blount mixtape — COOL! I’ve made a lot of 90’s Lakers mixes in the past and always had a hard time finding Blount footage because he rarely made the Sportscenter recap mixes because he was playing with highlight makers Shaq, Kobe, Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel. Then I realized the person who posted the link to the YouTube clip was the man himself, Corie Blount — COOL!

So I go down memory lane and watch the entertaining 1998 made mixtape, which uses 2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me.”  Then I looked up his stats and was surprised to see how good his numbers were when he got PT. During the last month of 97, he was a double-double machine while getting 30 minutes a game: 17 & 15 here, 15 and 13 there.

Thanks for the reminder Corie!