Exclusive Ballislife Interview w/ AO from BallUp Streetball!! Plus BallUp Game 5 Recap!

Streetball guards are usually distinguished between two positions: ball handlers and entertainers. Although ball handlers take care of the rock most of the time, entertainers understand that handling the rock is just part of what they do. Everyone comes to streetball games not only to see the competition but for the entertainment, and the Ball Up squad understands that. That’s why when Ball Up’s entertainers, AO and Sik Wit It, come to play, they’re looking to put on a performance for the crowd. If you’ve ever been to a game with these two playing, you know they’re not just playing basketball. From time to time, when AO’s in the game, he'll just start clowning. He will take hold of the camera and shoot some of the action while Sik Wit It entertains by spinning the ball on his finger dancing to the music being played. They always keep the crowd interested while still performing at a high level of streetball.

We were able to ask AO a few questions about entertaining the crowd.

Ball is Life: You are considered a veteran to the streetball game. Do you think it’s tougher now to keep crowds entertained compared to when you first started since now everyone has expectations on what they’re going to see?
AO: It’s tougher because it’s been eleven years since the first streetball tour, so fans want to see the impossible now.

BIL: I see you guys always joking around and having fun. Do you think your game reflects your personality? Or is it more of an alter ego when you go out there?
AO: Yeah, who you are as a person is definitely what the fans see on the court.

BIL: How do you come up with something new to keep the crowd entertained?
AO: My game is all spontaneous so whatever I do at that moment was meant for that moment.

BIL: Do you still have the same love for the fans as you did when you first started? Do you still get the same enjoyment entertaining the fans?
AO: The fans keep me going from kids who looked up to me 10 years ago to the new generation of fans with Ball Up.

No matter how you feel about streetball, these guys have been on their grind putting the work in to keep crowds entertained throughout the last decade. The Ball Up team is doing its best to not only keep improving their game but also keeping their fan base hyped to see every game.

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Here's the latest game recap from this season. They just had a strong showing out in Chicago, and they are now heading to Boston, NY, and Baltimore. This Friday night, they'll be at Harvard University; Saturday they're at City College of NY, and Sunday they'll be balling at Coppin State! Here's the Ball Up Facebook page and their schedule, and you can get tickets by clicking on the schedule. For all the latest Ball Up highlights and news, you can check it out here at Ballislife.


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