Dennis Smith (NC Loaded) vs Thon Maker (Canada Elite) Full Game at Fab 48!

Team Loaded (N.C.) 66, Canada Elite 62

This was the buzz game of the night, as the crowd anticipated a great
showdown between Canada Elite's Thon Maker and Team Loaded's Edrice "Bam"
Adebayo. The teams had the crowd on the edge of their feet even in warmups
and into a frenzied state when the 7-foot Maker broke a defender down off
the dribble, made him reel backwards and nailed a jumper. The powerfully
built 6-foot-9 Adebayo came back with a monster tip jam to get the
standing-room only crowd anticipating the next highlight play.

There wasn't too many more highlights from the big men, but the crowd was
treated to a shooting exhibition in Team Loaded's comeback victory. Brandon
Robinson, a 6-foot-6 wing from Douglas County (Ga.), led the way for Team
Loaded after it trailed 31-24 at halftime. He nailed seven 3-pointers and
finished with a game-high 29 points. Robinson impressed enough on Wednesday
night for the University of Louisville to offer him a scholarship.

Canada Elite kept it close behind the second half play of 6-foot-7 forward
Justin Jackson, a UNLV commit from nearby Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.),
but playing the foul game didn't work in its favor down the stretch. Jackson
finished with 19 points.

Adebayo finished with 10 points while Maker had a total of nine.