Jalen Rose makes a plea to Chris Webber to reunite the Fab 5 at the NCAA Championship

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For Michigan Alumni and Fab Five member Jalen Rose, today might be one of the best days of their lives if Michigan wins the NCAA championship.  Rose expects other members of the Fab Five Ray Jackson, Jimmy King and Juwan Howard to be in attendance in Atlanta for the game.  He doesn’t expect the “elephant in the room” Chris Webber to be there eventhough he lives in Atlanta.

Webber declined to be interviewed for the recent Fab Five documentary that the other 4 members participated in and Jalen pointed out that Webber has chosen to disassociate  himself with the university because of the infamous time-out against North Carolina and because of the team booster Ed Martin scandal in 2003 that lead to the removal of the Fab’s banners from the Arenas and accomplishments from the history books.

It might be easy for you to watch highlight films of the Fab Five and get caught up in all of the Michigan and NCAA championship hoopla and side with Jalen on this but you have to remember that Webber, his father and aunt were all indicted on multiple charges and were facing prison sentences.  He was even suspended by the NBA for his guilty plea and now you have Jalen’s plea making it look like Webber should just get over it.

Think about how most great collegiate players are only remembered for their accomplishments at their school.  Many people do love what Webber and the Fab 5 did but to the masses he’s most remembered for his time-out that many people actually think is the main reason for Michigan losing that championship game.  Worse than losing that 1 game is that all of his regular season games in college have been forfeited.

Webber in my book is an all-time basketball great, he’s having just as great of a post-NBA playing career on television, he’s a role model and does plenty for the community.  Just off of what I know he went through with the school and scandal I can respect that he doesn’t want anything to do with Michigan but I would be lying if I said I hope he doesn’t show up tonight to reunite with Rose, King, Jackson and Howard.

Last year he told SI that he was working on an autobiography and documentary that would finally tell his side to all of the events.   Hopefully the last chapter is about tonight.


Ballislife | Jalen Rose and Chris Webber Fab Five

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