Fabolous Takes Shot At Lil Wayne?+ So Ny {Official Video}

Check out NYC Native Fabolous on Real Talk New York talking about his up coming projects and plans for the new year.Fab talks about his new record ‘So Ny” and he hill feel it will be the anthem for all New York natives. Fabolous says he will be the voice of NY in this up coming season of rap. The most interesting thing about this track is the hook “Im so NY Weezy don’t like me”in regards to Lil waynes comments on how he hates NY. Could this be the start of a beef between the two rap stars?. We all know Fab is not the one to play with when it comes to bars so im interested to see how this plays out and also what Weezy has to say about Fabs new joint.Check out the “So NY video below”.

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