Fan Hits $35k Halfcourt Shot Then Does His Best D'Angelo Russell Impersonation

The Lakers are so hot even their fans are hitting big shots and winning.

Between the 3rd and 4th quarter of the Lakers victory over the Suns - giving them their first three game win streak since 2013 - a computer programmer/Lakers fan named Travis Milne won $35,000 by hitting a half-court shot. He celebrated by high-fiving a few Lakers, including Swaggy P and Metta World Peace, and doing his best D'Angelo "ice in my veins" Russell impersonation.

“I saw him make the shot (but) I didn’t see the ‘ice in my veins,’” Said Russell after the game. “I probably would’ve celebrated with him.”

If the impersonation wasn't cool enough, Milne was wearing some Kobe Crazy 8 Adidas shoes. So it's gotta be the shoes right? Well, it turns out the fan's nickname is "Mr. Big Shot" and he used to wear #5 when playing for the Boys and Girls Club youth Lakers team. Guess who else wore #5 as a member of the Lakers? None other than Mr Big Shot Robert Horry.

And if all of those coincidences wasn't crazy enough, the contest shot was called "The Big Shot Jackpot."

Source: NBA