Adult Fan Tries To Steal Signed Steph Curry Shoes From Kid

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Derrick Rose Steph Curry

One of the few things at games that pisses me off more than lower bowl seated fans who cross the line of being a fun trash-talking heckler to an abusive a$$hole are a$$hole adults willing to take giveaways from kids. I’ve cursed out adult fans in the stands for grabbing bootleg-looking Houston Rockets t-shirts and dollar store squishy balls from kids; I have no idea how I would react if I saw an adult try to grab an autographed pair of Steph Curry sneakers from a kid like a$$holes in the video above, acting like they are at a Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

This repulsed me more than the time an injured Derrick Rose stole a jersey from a little kid.

I’m just kidding around about Rose. If you look closely you can see he also grabbed the kid’s sharpie pen, which he used to sign the jersey. Believe it or not, the Bulls actually had to release a statement about this so people wouldn’t think Rose was actually stealing from fans (insert your own joke here).

But if you want to see what a real a$$hole thief looks like, just watch this video of a woman stealing a baseball from a kid. Yes, she’s from Houston just like the a$$holes I’ve cursed out at Rockets’ games.

SOURCE: the lovely @ROSGO21