Fan Voting against the Lakers – Kobe ranked 534 on BasketballReference Best Players has this Ratings system called the NBA Elo Player Ratings.  It’s says it’s a”community based project with the goal of rating the best players in NBA history.”  Good idea and intentions but the results are a huge FAIL courtesy of the idiots that vote.

I agree with MJ at #1 and Bird at #4 but the rest of the list is a joke especially when it comes to famous Lakers.  Once I tell you Magic Johnson is at #40 you will probably stop reading or think it’s just as an error.  But we have David Robinson at #5 and Shaq at #34.  Kareem at #22 (right behind Russell).  Wondering where Wilt is on this list?  How about #452 – 4 spots below Luke Ridnour and about 20 spots below Brandan Haywood and Erick Dampier and a good 375 spots behind Chris Bosh.   James Worthy is #69 (I’m not going to complain much about this but will say Vince Carter is #46),  AC Green is #216 (5 spots behind Rashard Lewis) and the biggest shocker (in case you didn’t see the article title) is Kobe Bryant at #534.   I’m not going to both listing the 500+ players that shouldn’t be ahead of him but I will say it’s funny that Derek Fisher is #316 and that this is the only list where you will see Kobe’s name right next to Foots Walker, Mike Gale, Howard Komives, Bimbo Coles and Ben Poquette.



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