Female Fan Shows Singer Tank Her Nice Post Up Moves At BET Celeb Game

Do you think this would motivate James Harden to play better defense?

As much as most guys would probably like to be in the position R&B singer Tank was, in this video clip from Saturday's BET celebrity basketball game, I can see every married guy backing off and turning into Steph Curry trying to guard LeBron in the NBA Finals.

For every offended still-sour Warriors' fan, just pretend I didn't mention LeBron backing Steph down in the Finals and instead, I used this clip from the movie Along Came Polly with Ben Stiller and the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman.

All jokes aside, if you are interested in learning how to use your booty to post up and get some easy buckets, check out this very informative and entertaining post-up video by Charles Barkley and Shaq.


Here's a few other amusing moments from the Sprite/BET X CelebĀ game.