Fight Breaks Out During Iona-Monmouth Post-game Handshake Line

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King Rice

The Monmouth Hawks are known for their over-the-top sideline celebrations and one person who isn’t a fan is Iona Coach Tim Cluess. Before Iona’s game against Monmouth on Friday, the coach had the following to say about the Hawks’ bench.

“Are they on the team? I didn’t know if they were on the team or wearing uniforms as cheerleaders. I’ve never seen them on the court doing anything, so to me, they’re not basketball players.”

Despite 45 points and 7 steals from A.J. English, Iona took the L on the night for losing to those “cheerleaders” 102-110 and for getting into an altercation with them during the post-game handshake line.

The fight started when Iona’s Jordan Washington slapped Monmouth’s Chris Brady in the face.

“Chris’ nose is about this swollen right now, so if [Washington] slapped Chris that hard, man he should maybe try MMA because nobody smacks, and the kid’s nose is this big downstairs right now,” Monmouth coach King Rice told reporters after the game. “So I don’t know if it was a smack or what it was, but big Brady’s nose is pretty messed up right now.

“There’s going to be suspensions. I saw a couple of them and I’m not that happy about it. But when we see the video, something will happen when people lose their cool.”

Mark February 19th on your calendars because the two teams meet again on that day.