(1994) Charles Barkley Scores 56, Suns/Warriors Combine For 147 1st Half Points

The highlight of Chris Webber’s Rookie of the Year season was his behind the back dunk on Charles Barkley, which led to a hilarious Nike commercial with Latrell Sprewell and Webber joking at a barber shop about the dunk.

“I don’t believe in role models, but you mine.” – Chris Webber

Weeks after the season ended, Webber got to face off against Barkley again. This time it was in the playoffs. And in Game 3 of the Suns and Warriors series, Barkley had arguably his best performance ever in a boxscore-busting game: Both teams scored over 70 first-half points and the score after an exhausting two quarters was 74-73 with the Suns up by just 1. The most shocking stat of the first half was Barkley having a playoff record 38 points. He made his first 11 shots of the game and his 27 1st quarter points were also just two shy of Eric “Sleepy” Floyd’s record. He finished the game, and sweep of the Warriors, with a career-high 56 on 23-of-31 shooting.

“Obviously, I was making a lot of shots tonight,” Barkley said. “They kind of forced the issue by not doubling me. I hope it’s not the last time I see single coverage. I kind of like it. It was a good workout.”

Chris Webber’s postgame comments supported Barkley’s by saying Chuck basically took the shots that were given to him and like a true MVP, he made them.

“It wasn’t luck, He was taking shots we wanted him to take. We wanted him to take three-pointers. It was incredible.”

The final score was 140-133.




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