Flashback Friday! More Impressive: Reggie Miller's 8 points in 9 seconds or T-Mac's 13 in 35?

When I think of Reggie Miller, one memory sticks out the most. It’s him flashing the choking sign at Spike Lee at Madison Square Garden during the playoffs. Out of his many clutch performances against the Knicks, the 8 points in 9 seconds will always stand out for many reasons, but mainly because he won the game with them being down 6 with 18.6 seconds left. No one has ever seen that happen before where a player hit back to back 3s to tie a game in 4 seconds. And he did it during the playoffs against his rival, the Knicks at a hostile MSG. Pretty ridiculous.

But then there’s Tracy McGrady in 2004 where he drops 13 points in the last 35 seconds to come back and beat the San Antonio Spurs. T-Mac came through hitting contested jumpers left and right and even making a 4-point play willing his team to a victory. The Spurs even made a few free throws down the stretch to keep their lead. Then, when Devin Brown lost the ball with 8 seconds left, you had to think T-Mac could do it, and he did by hitting another 3 with 1.7 seconds left and winning the game. It was an incredible comeback that most people still don’t know about. T-Mac single-handedly brought the Rockets back and won that game. It was one of the craziest things I've seen live.

Here’s the drawbacks about the two comeback victories by Reggie Miller and Tracy McGrady. Although Reggie’s back to back 3s were impressive, the fact that the Pacers fouled after that all happened with the game tied, it could have made it the best last minute comeback that never happened. Instead, John Starks choked and missed both FT’s, and the Knicks fouled Reggie after the missed free throw with the game tied. Two dumb plays down the stretch lead to Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 9 seconds and the eventual comeback victory. On the other side, Tracy McGrady’s last minute comeback came during a regular season game in December. Other than it being a win against a strong Spurs team, and it didn’t mean much. That’s why it probably doesn’t get as much hype as Reggie Miller’s. And without Devin Brown’s slip, T-Mac doesn’t get the chance to win the game. But sometimes, stuff happens, and sometimes it leads to two of the greatest lat minute comeback victories.

What do you think? T-Mac's 13 in 35 or Reggie's 8 in 9?


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