Flashback: Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson posterizes Chris Dudley

I always felt the Big Dog was underrated but because the #1 pick never reached the superstar status of fellow rookies Jason Kidd and Grant Hill and because of his massive rookie contract, the Milwaukee Buck that played 11 years in the league was an easy target for criticism.

His career doesn’t sound too bad when you say he was one of the best college players of all-time and ranks 2nd behind Kareem as the all-time leading scorer in Bucks history, he has a championship ring with the Spurs and was able to average 17 points a game with the 76ers playing alongside Iverson.  He even had a short stint with the Hawks and made his debut in Atlanta with a 34 point, 10 rebound 8 assist game.

Many people will remember him as a Melo type player before Melo that was mainly a shooter but the Big Dog had big hops and power as evident by this video of Glenn Robinson dunking on Chris Dudley.  If you are confused to why he’s wearing a USA olympic jersey it’s because he was an original selection to play for Dream Team 3 but he withdrew because of an Achilles tendon injury.  Shawn Kemp was rumored to be his replacement but his teammate Gary Payton ended up with the honor.

If you are thinking that has to be the most embarrassing poster Chris Dudley ever appeared on then check out this disrespectful dunk on Dud courtesy of Shaq.

[youtube id=”lpiaPZzB0Zo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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