Flashback: Vince Carter Dunk Show vs Mavs in 1999…Do you really remember

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Shawn Bradley Vince Carter

Last night Vince Carter, wearing a Dallas Mavs jersey, threw down a facial on Okafur and it had everybody, us included, cheering and making some comment about the old days and how electrifying Vince used to be…but do you really remember Vintage Vinsanity?  Vintage Vinsanity was in my opinion the greatest dunker of alltime without much consideration and the expectation of seeing a top 10 dunk of alltime every single night.  As unrealistic as this sounds, I was disappointed if Vince did not dunk on player, have a 360, windmill or reverse alleyoop in every game.   The other aspect of Vinsanity that you don’t see much was the energy that made him look like he was moving at 12 frames a second and emotion that Vince seemed to play with.  You would see Vince joking and smiling with his teammates and opponents and then put on his mad face after dunking on the same opponent a minute later.

Since the catalyst for this conversation is his dunk in Dallas last night let’s flashback to 1999 against the Mavs and relive one of the most memorable dunk exhibitions ever.  Carter only had 22 points (8 rebs 8ast) but 6 of them are unforgettable especially his 360 and 2 hand dunk on Shawn Bradley



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