Florida Falcon Freshman Anthony Allen rips the rim off during a game

What's up with all these high flying Floridians in college basketball?  First we had the "Dunk City" phenoms from Florida Gulf Coast then last week we had dunk of the year nominee Javonte Douglas from Central Florida and now we have Anthony Allen from the Florida College Falcons (I lived in Florida for 12 years and attended FSU and never heard of this school) in Temple Terrace tearing the rim off with a game dunk the way Shaquille O'Neal used to do with the Orlando Magic.  The shocking part is he didn't swing on the rim or do the Shaq logo or weigh as much as Shaq (but he does have a teammate on the Falcons named Shaq), the 6'6 freshman is only 205 pounds.


The dunk caused a 15 minutes delay and his team did beat Warner University 71-64.

If you want to watch more dunks by Anthony then just lay down on a desk in front of your monitor or turn your head sideways and enjoy the following clips.



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