Florida HS legend Teddy Dupay scores 25 at Orlando Pro-Am

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Ted Dupay

Last week we showed you a video of Florida HS legend Teddy Dupay giving pointers on shooting mechanics.  If you are wondering what is qualifications are, he once hit 13 3-pointers in just 32 minutes.  He also scored 70 points in 3 quarters. Had 50 in a half in another game and 29 in the final 5 minutes of another.

Yeah, he’s qualified.

35 year old (Coach) Teddy then wanted to show that he could still put those mechanics to good use and shoot in games too so he went to the Orlando Pro-Am this weekend and dropped 25 points, 8 assists, 6 steals and 5 3-pointers.

Good to see the former Gator out there and this is coming from a Seminole.

The video above is unedited so if you want to see the parts with Teddy, here’s a breakdown.

0:10 New Man Comes In (Coach Teddy)
0:22 Post-Feed- “Fake a pass, Make a Pass”
2:01 Middle Tunnel Transition In/Out Crossover “Pistol”
2:39 Play Call “T” 3 Point FG
3:25 3 Point FG
6:46 Home Run Catch, (2 Hands 2 Eyes) Blown Layup.
7:10 3 Point FG Corner
13:09 2 Point FG Run “2” Lane Finish at Rim, appropriate “Above Block Angle” “3 Line Layup”
13:48 2 Point FG -“KNP” Situation Rebounding. OFF Reb Put Back
14:24 Last Possession “1 Shot”
14:30 2 Point FG Bread and Butter Bank Shot

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