Footage of Larry Sanders fighting in a club

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After a breakout season last year, Buck’s Larry Sanders earned himself some big bucks in the form of $10 million a year over 4 years.  Since receiving that deal things haven’t been going so well for Larry.  Sanders went to get some new tats and left with a common grammar mistake on his arm.  The tattoo artist ended up writing “Recieve” instead of “Receive” but it didn’t phase Larry as he posted a pic of it on Instagram and wrote “Aint worried bout nuthin.”

larry-sanders-twiter (1)

His worries also didn’t include ex teammate Brandon Jennings who he took a shot at during media day by saying “he has to pass it to them first” in response to  Jennings saying he now has a post presence on his new team.  Those fighting words didn’t lead to anything physical but then things really got bad and physical for Larry last month when he ended up injuring his thumb, that required surgery, in a club fight.  Sanders was already in the coaches dog house before the injury and is currently sitting out with a 6 week timetable.  As for the fight at Club Apartment 720, Sanders will be cited for assault and battery and disorderly conduct but he has been cleared of criminal charges.

Are they fighting in an ice rink?

Source: SB Nation

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