Footlocker Commercial: How Life For Emmanuel Mudiay Will Change After the NBA Draft

Funny but so true.

Before a lot of celebs become famous, their entourage is usually made up of people that have labels like the smart guy, the guy with the car, the guy with cash, the guy who knows the most girls and the guy who can get (nevermind). But once that celeb becomes famous, those same guys now have titles like manager, chauffeur, accountant, marketing specialist and the guy who can get (nevermind).

Just look at LeBron and his friend/HS teammate Maverick Carter.  LeBron got Maverick a job at Nike for a couple of years before they created the agency LRMR in 2006 after James fired his agent.  But don’t think the CEO is just sitting back and cashing checks from LeBron. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  It was Maverick who introduced the Beats headphones to James and when Beats was sold to Apple last year, James reportedly made about $30 million off the deal.

So what I’m saying is, you might want to be nice to Emmanuel Mudiay’s “brother.”

In one of the other funny “before/after draft” commercials, he goes from buying his mom flowers to a house. As amusing as the concept is, Mudiay spent the past year playing in China for a reported $1.2 million so I think he already bought his mom the house.