Former HS to NBA player Robert Swift was living with dog feces, guns/bullets and a pic of Yao Ming in his house

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Two weeks ago we reported about former high school to NBA bust Robert Swift refusing to leave his home that he lost to foreclosure .  Swift has finally left the house but left plenty for the new owners to clean up and for us to shake our head at including dog feces and bullets.

Here's a list compiled by USA Today of items that the former millionaire left that I don't think we will be seeing at a future auction.

-- Bullet casings (50+)

-- Box of recruitment letters from colleges like UCLA, Kansas and Washington (1)

-- Beer cans (hundreds)

-- Model of a Conestoga wagon (1)

-- Unplugged televisions (3)

-- Empty beer boxes (dozens)

-- Hole in the wall, presumably autographed by the person who made it (1)

-- Domino's pizza boxes (5)

-- Two-liter bottles of Coca-Cola (2)

-- Head of female doll (1)

-- Empty gallon of milk (1)

-- McDonald's Quarter-Pounder box (1)

-- Christmas tree needles (hundreds)

-- Car battery (1)

-- Half-empty liquor bottles (5)

-- Basketball (1)

-- Umbrella (1)

-- Broken pool cue (1)

-- Cigarette butts, in ashtray (hundreds)

-- Some sort of crazy stabbing device (1)

-- Child's doll (1)

-- Anarchy symbol made by blue painter's tape (1)

-- Panda Express 32-ounce cup (1)

-- Rugby ball (1)

-- Big guns (3)

-- Small guns (2)

-- Bullets (15)

-- Picture of Swift on the court with Yao Ming, sitting on top of a Domino's pizza box (1)

-- Overturned chair that looks like a scene out of a nuclear holocaust movie (1)

-- Posters used for target practice (2)

-- Trash cans (2)



“The first thing you get when you walk in the door is kind of whiff of whatever is festering in here,” said Jessica Ko-Dalzell. She and her husband Eric now own a mansion on a hill Sammamish….

Animal feces clogs the deck. Walls are punched out on different levels of the house. One even has an autograph. Pizza boxes and beer bottles are piled on the kitchen granite. Multiple guns were found in the home. Some appear to be air guns, but live ammo was also found. Dalzell said they also found a handgun. A makeshift shooting range is in the basement storage area. Eric Dalzell said load-bearing beams have graze marks from bullets, and part of the home’s foundation appeared to stop some of the slugs.

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