Former NBA All-Star & Champion Glen Rice Reportedly “Almost Broke”

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Four days after hearing about former NBA rising star Darius Miles filing for bankruptcy, we have news of a 3 x NBA All-Star and great from the 90s being reportedly “almost broke.”

According to the Miami Herald, former Michigan great and 15-year pro Glen Rice – last seen in a popular NBA video with Gary Payton and dunker Jordan Kilganon in Rio last month – “hasn’t been able to find a job in years” and is struggling to pay child support after spending much of his NBA money – between 1989 and 2004, Rice’s NBA contracts totaled almost $67 million – and losing money in “bad investments.”

Rice is currently offering private basketball training sessions in Florida and is a father of 5, which includes former NBA player Glen Rice Jr and high-flying G’Mitri Rice, who is currently playing overseas.