Former NBA Player Jordan Crawford Scored 72 Of His Team’s 104 Points in 1 Game!

Former NBA player Jordan Crawford is going to have a lot of great stories to tell his grandkids.  The best one is still the time he, still in high school, dunked on LeBron James and Nike tried to confiscate and bury all evidence of the play.  The most amusing one is probably his part in the Honey Nut Cheerios drama with Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett.  The latest one came earlier in the week when he scored 72 of his team’s 104 points in China!

I know, I know. Some of you spoiled Americans are going to bring up how NBA players always dominate China and how Bobby Brown puts up Wilt numbers over there or how JR Smith became the Michael Jordan of China. Whatever, it’s still a professional game and 72 points is 72 freaking points. He was 21 of 40, 4 of 12 from 3 and 18 of 20 from the line. And if there’s fantasy players in China (don’t think there is), his 16 boards and 5 steals should also put a smile on their faces.

FYI, for those who don’t remember him putting up buckets from time to time in the NBA, here’s Jordan dropping 41 on the Nuggets.