Former NBA player Quincy Douby sets CBA record with 75 points & Charles Gaines goes for 60 & 29 in same game!


T-Mac, Stephon Marbury, JR Smith, Arenas. There’s a lot of NBA and former NBA players that spent some time in China recently and out of all of them, the guy who is most known for scoring in China (don’t say Kobe)  and ends up setting the CBA record for points in a game is former Sac King Quincy Douby.

Quincy, in just 36 minutes, scored 75 points for Zhejiang Chouzhou, connecting on 25 of 38 field goals including 9 out of 15 three pointers.  His most spectacular play was a dunk on Charles Gaines who had a decent game of 60 points and 29 rebounds…..this post is about to get hijacked.

As insane as it is to score 70 plus points in a game when you are not playing against that crappy high school that allows crappy high school kids to score over 100 points in a game, it’s more insane to pull off a Wilt like or Nikola Vucevic like (I wont get carried away) game with 60 points and almost 30 rebounds!

Back to the Asia legend that is Quincy Douby, his 75 beats the previous scoring record of 71 set by Andre Emmett and now has the CBA record for game, season, finals (53) and All-Star game (44).

Thanks to Stephen over at NBA247365 for the Math and history lesson.

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