Foul or Flop? Steph Curry “Throws Brandon Knight To The Floor” After Non-Call

After hitting a 3 and then the floor from a bump by Brandon Knight, Steph Curry got up, complained to the ref and made some contact with Brandon Knight, which led to Knight hitting the floor harder than the time DeAndre Jordan dunked on him or when Kyrie Irving broke his ankles.

One of the Suns commentators actually said Curry threw Knight to the floor and the reason why he “took exception” to Knight is because “he has a history of bad ankles.”

Ex Curry fans are going to say Curry flopped, overreacted, and a find a way to bring up the Warriors lost a 3-1 lead in the finals and have looked pretty bad in their first 3 games of this season.  Curry fans are going to say it should have been a 4-point play, bring up Knight’s history of ending up on Shaqtin’ a Fool and point out that Curry outscored Knight 28 to 9 and the Warriors won the game.


This is the 2nd game in a row we have seen a frustrated Warriors player get a little physical and push an opposing player: On Friday, Kevin Durant was hit with a tech after pushing Lance Stephenson. After the win on Sunday, Draymond Green had the quote of the day with this response to the way teams are playing them.

“Teams are trying to punk us and it’s fine,” Green said. “We aren’t going to get punked.”