Foul or No Foul? Steph Curry Vs DeMarcus Cousins (3 Examples)

In the latest episode of “Foul or No Foul?” we have a couple plays from the Warriors and Kings game on Saturday.


The first example came in the 2nd quarter when DeMarcus Cousins posted up against Andrew Bogut (foul?) then dished it to Quincy Acy who missed a layup (foul?). Curry got the rebound, drove to the basket, tripped (foul) and ended up at the line after the refs called a foul on Acy.

Do you think Boogie or Acy were robbed of a call and do you think Curry got a superstar call?


Midway through the 2nd quarter, Curry hit a 3-pointer then fell to the ground (foul?) without a call. Then on the other end, Boogie posted up and ended up on the ground (foul) but did get the whistle.  Curry was so pissed about the no-call, he threw his mouthpiece away.

Was Curry fouled on the 3?



With less than a minute in regulation, Boogie attempted a 3, missed (foul?) and finally got a whistle from the ref when a tech was called on Boogie for complaining and….throwing his moutpiece.

Do you think Boogie should have been shooting 3 free throws instead of Curry shooting 1?