Froggy Fresh (fka Krispy Kreme from Tosh.0) – Dunked On

Back in the early 90’s, me, Daniel Tosh and his brother Andrew are watching Yo!  MTV Raps and I have the bright idea of us three forming a rap group.  Bad idea and I would say thankfully for the Tosh.0 host I didn’t have a VHS camcorder recording our wanna-be 2 Live Crew raps but as you know, if you watch his show Tosh.0, there’s nothing that can embarrass Daniel Tosh.

Decades later, Daniel had a guest “rapper” on his show named Krispy Kreme and after that episode I thought this Krispy Kreme kid has to be the most retarded rapper I’ve ever seen with the worst rap song I’ve ever heard…that is until I came across Chief Keef and his song Kobe.

Well, Krispy Kreme is back with a new name, Froggy Fresh, and a song and video so awful it’s awesome in a guilty pleasure type way.  I can honestly say I see this becoming an anthem especially if LeBron James gets dunked on in the Finals (Why is James crying? He just got dunked on!). I can also honestly say I rather listen to this any day over these lyrics by the Shakespearean Keef.

I been ballin’ so damn hard I swear I think that I’m Kobe
Young bull of this rap shit but I think that I’m Kobe
I swear I’m dunkin on these hoes on these niggas I’m free throwin
These boys they don’t like me cause I think that I’m Kobe
Watch me hit the strip club make it rain like I’m Kobe
Industry full of lames I play the game like I’m Kobe
And since I think I’m Kobe my bitch don’t like to know me
This is for them niggas that be thinking they Kobe


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