From CP3 to Chairs: Robin Lopez’ Best “Fights”

Robin Lopez’ latest “fight” might go down as one of his best.

After getting ejected in the second quarter of the Bulls loss to the Kings on Monday night, the infamous mascot hater threw a hissy fit on the court and then threw an innocent chair in the tunnel. Here’s what he had to say about his ejection after the game.

“I disagreed with the call,” Lopez said. “I told him, `That’s bad.’ I’m not sure the reason behind the technical, but I supposed the officials are absolute and who am I to discredit that? I was a little bit surprised. In my mind, such a subdued response.”

On the list of Best Robin Lopez “Fights.” I’m ranking the chair above any silliness with mascots but below his scuffles with Serge Ibaka and Chris Paul


The reason why I love this fight so much is because Lopez completely missed Ibaka with his punch and Ibaka brushed Lopez’ hair with his retaliation punch. Since neither of them landed any blows, they were both only hit with a one-game suspension.

When asked about the fight, brother Brook Lopez jokingly said, “Maybe we’ll get a grudge match, who knows. I’m pulling for Ibaka, though.”

Brook also said if it was him against his brother, “Robin would have been on the ground.”

LOPEZ VS CP3 (2016)

Back in 2016, Lopez was ejected for throwing a punch at someone shorter than the mascots he’s used to picking on: Chris Paul!

“Things were getting pretty chippy out there,” Said Lopez about the incident. “It happened so fast. Kind of hard to recall, but maybe I overreacted a little bit. What happened, happened. I’m OK with it.”

Paul obviously wasn’t so OK with it. He refused to comment on the punch but did say this, “I don’t think I hate anything more than getting my lip busted. I can’t eat for like a week, two weeks.”

Paul’s teammate, DeAndre Jordan, said he was upset about it because, “Chris is the smallest dude on the floor, so we’ve got to protect him.”


And here’s a compilation of Robin showing off his ‘furry’ fetish.