FSU Commit Jonathan Isaac Considering Entering The 2016 NBA Draft

18 year old Jon Isaac is one of the top-ranked high school players in Florida. He’s been labeled by some as the next Kevin Durant, which excites FSU fans (like this Florida State alum). He also told Sports Illustrated he’s exploring the idea of declaring for the NBA draft, which doesn’t excite too many FSU fans with dreams of a possible lineup of him, Dwayne Bacon and Malik Beasley.

The good news for the 5th year prep player is the recent changes to the NBA draft rules will now allow a player to enter the draft and then withdraw without having to kiss their college careers away, which is great news for Isaac and hopeful news to the people of Tallahassee. The bad news for Isaac is there’s a lot of grey lines about his eligibility.

Via SI

Isaac, 18, and IMG officials expect that he’ll be eligible for the 2016 NBA draft because he started high school in 2011, which would make him one year removed from his initial graduating class. Isaac did not graduate from high school in 2015, but IMG officials expect he’d be eligible because former IMG player Satnam Singh had a similar circumstance and was eligible for the 2015 Draft. (Despite Singh being from India, he was classified as an American because he attended high school here.)

There’s vagaries in the NBA rule, which states that a player is eligible for the draft if “the player is or will be at least nineteen (19) years of age during the calendar year in which the draft is held, and (B) with respect to a player who is not an international player . . . at least (1) NBA season has elapsed since the player’s graduation from high school (or, if the player did not graduate from high school, since the graduation of the class with which the player would have graduated had he graduated from high school.”

If Isaac does declare, he will be the first American player to do so since the 2005 draft, which included prep-to-pros Gerald Green, Andrew Bynum and Martell Webster. Only Gerald Green is still playing in the league.

“I think it’s cool and scary,” Said Isaac. “A little bit of both. It’s cool because no one has done it in a decade, and it’s still scary because I don’t want it to be a bad decision.”


As it turns out, Isaac may have to wait until 2017 to get drafted.

“He is a senior,” IMG coach John Mahoney told SNY.tv. “I just asked him. He will be at Florida State.”